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Road Runner Mobile Kitchens


At Roadrunner Mobile Kitchens we have the expertise and the resources to design and outfit a complete mobile kitchen set up to meet your exact needs.

The following 4 images are an example of a custom mobile kitchen set up for a private school in Upstate NY that is undergoing a dining hall & kitchen remodel.

This set up includes:

  • 26ft Mobile Kitchen
  • 26ft DishwashTrailer
  • 1 walk-in freezer
  • 1 walk in refrigerator
  • 12 x 28 platform with ramp, stairs and railings
  • 16 x 24 tent


Above 26ft Mobile Kitchen Trailer set up at a private home during the kitchen renovation... ...this set up also included a 125K generator to power the mobile kitchen. Roadrunner Mobile Kitchen equipment can be rented with or without a trailer.
Roadrunner also has custom 18ft kitchens. Above is a side view of the 18ft mobile kitchen trailer. The above photo shows one view of the 18ft mobile kitchen trailers stainless steel interior. Rear view of the 18ft mobile kitchen trailer.
Road Runner Mobile Kitchens

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